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By Rohit

Facebook is the best platform for digital marketing and it is cheapest compare to other like Google ads. It is difficult to run the Facebook campaign at cheapest price right now, because Facebook is no longer cheap to run your campaign. Here I teach you how to target the audience in a right way and make your facebook ads very cheapest. Mostly we target the audience without thinking or analysis on Facebook, which makes our Facebook campaign very expensive. Here i am also teaching you how to create good ads for Facebook and How to set bid for Facebook ads that's make your ads cheapest.

How to create good ads for Facebook?

This is a most important thing to run a ads on Facebook. Firstly create a attractive image for your business and keep in mind that doesn't put too much text in campaign image, if you write too much text in campaign image then Facebook can prevent your ad from running. And also do not write much text with campaign description.

List of low cost country for Facebook Ad :

Here is the list of which country where you can run your facebook campaign at very affordable prices.

How to set bid for Facebook ad?

When you create a Facebook ads, Facebook tell you to set budget and schedule, keep in mind that do not set bid amount automatically, set the bid amount manually with less amount. If you set bid automatically then facebook charge high price for your ads.

- Please keep the daily budget high, that means your ads will run fastly and reached more people. And it does not put any effect on your Campion's bid.

- If you create a Facebook ad for your business page for increase your page likes then set the priority for page likes, that means Facebook charge you only when anyone like your page.

- If you want to run your ad for link click then set the priority for link clicks, that means Facebook only charge you when anyone click on your website link.

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