Download Pixel 3 Launcher (New) With Inbuilt Google Assistant on search bar

By Rohit
Google Pixel 3 launcher

Google last year Launched its Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 Xl smartphone which the most popular flagship smartphone in the Smartphone market and now Google almost completely ready to launches its Pixel 3 smartphone. This Google Pixel smartphone coming with new Android 9.0 (Pie). Here is how to download Pixel Launcher with Google assistant on search bar. Google Pixel 3 set to launch on 9 October. You can download the Pixel 3 launcher before Pixel smartphone launches.

Google Pixel Launcher

This Pixel launcher work smoothly on Android 9.0 (Pie) devices. Before download its launcher you need to prees and hold the home button for launch the Google assistant and now you don't need to press and hold home button to launch Google assistant, just tap one assistant icon which is locate on right side of google search bar. The new Pixel Launcher comes with same changes, like more spacing between icons in the app menu, and adaptive icons applied to all apps as standard. This Pixel launcher also comes with stock Android features like Google feed, app drawer, home screen settings etc.

Google Pixel launcher is the best deal to download a custom launcher in your Android smartphone because it is small in size and work smoothly on any device. If you don't like your smartphon's default launcher then you should try this new pixel launcher.

Download Pixel 3 Launcher With Inbuilt Google Assistant on search bar -

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