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By - Rohit Kumar
best web hosting service provider 2020

There are many hosting companies in 2020, also its a problem to find a best web hosting for you. Here we help you to find your best web hosting service provider. Choosing a best hosting provider is depends on many things which we discussed in this article.

There is different types of web hosting like - Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting and Reseller Hosting, we also teach you to which Web Hosting is suitable for your website.

If you are looking for best hosting provider, it depends on many things like server speed, storage, uptime, easy to use Cpanel, Customer Service and many more, we discuss all Companies one by one in details.

All Hosting companies have different hosting plan with different prices, different storage options and many other features.

We have covered almost everything about hosting provider like which company offers you free domain name, free SSL certificate and other things. We have picked up Top 5 Best Hosting providers which offers you best service and best customer support.

Top 5 Best web hosting at a glance:

If you want to just on best web hosting service provider in 2020 then that is Bluehost this company provides you almost everything you need to manage your website and also at a decent price.

1. Bluehost

best web hosting service

visit Bluehost

+ Start with $3.95 /month
+ FREE Domain Name
+ FREE SSL Certificate
+ Easy to use (beginner friendly)
+ Easy installation for WordPress
+ 30 Days money back guarantee
+ 24/7 support

Bluehost is the first choice of many users and also a trusted web hosting provider. Its uptime and speed are very strong. Bluehost hosting plans also comes with many features like one-click WordPress install, Joomla and Drupal and many more trending technology software.

Bluehost has many different plans with different storage, speed and features you can choose their plans according to your requirement. In a starter to premium plan they provide you a free domain name, free email account and free SSL certificate.

If your website keep growing and you want to upgrade your existing hosting plan then you can easily upgrade your plan at any time with paying more money according to their plans.

How To Buy Web Hosting And Get Free Domain Name

They also provide 24/7 good customer support. All of Bluehost plans comes with a 30-days money back guarantee so you can try it without any hesitation.

Plans :

2. HostGator

best web hosting service

visit HostGator

+ Starting with $2.08/mo
+ One Click WordPress Installs
+ Free Domain Included
+ Free SSL Certificate
+ Unmetered Bandwidth
+ 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee
+ 24/7 Live Support

HostGator always offer value for money hosting plans and all their hosting plans comes with a free domain name, free SSL certificate and unlimited bandwidth. HostGator also offers a $100 Google ads credit and $100 Bing Ads Credit.

If you don't know about programming or coding, Don't worry they provide you a Free HostGator Website Builder with drag and drop features and also includes over 100+ Mobile-Friendly Templates.

HostGator also offers others plan - WordPress, VPS and dedicated hosting. You can choose any plan accordingly your needs.They also gives 99.9% uptime guarantee and 24/7 customer support.

Plans :

3. DreamHost

best web hosting service

visit DreamHost

+ Starting from $2.59 per month
+ WordPress Pre-Installed
+ Free SSL Certificate
+ 97-Day Money-Back Guarantee
+ Unlimited Traffic
+ Support 24/7

DreamHost is one of the oldest and trusted web hosting providers, its Has been providing its services since 1996. If you are purchase a yearly plan from DreamHost, you will get a free domain name and free SSL certificate with its all plan.

DreamHost provide a monthly pay option as well as yearly, its a plus point where other companies don't have monthly pay options. They also offers a fully customised Cpanel which is different from others standard Cpanel.

They also have more advance plan like - VPS and cloud hosting, if your website has a lots of traffic or data then you should have to use these hosting plan.

Another best things is they offers 97-Day Money-Back Guarantee and Customer service is available 24/7 on email and live chat available in only business hours.

DreamHost is recommended by WordPress and you can easily install WordPress in just one-click.

Plans :

4. GreenGeeks

best web hosting service

visit GreenGeeks

+ Starting from $2.95 per month
+ 1-Click WordPress Install
+ Free Domain Name
+ Free Wildcard SSL
+ Unlimited Data Transfer
+ Support 24/7

GreenGeeks is an another trusted web hosting company which have been providing its services around 12+ years. Its WordPress lite hosting plan starts with $2.95/mo which has included free domain name, free SSL certificate.

For WordPress user GreenGeeks also provide a single-click WordPress install features. If your website has huge amount of data , so don't worry GreenGeeks offers you unlimited Web space in its all hosting plan.

GreenGeeks also known as eco-friendly web hosting service, becouse they offer you everything in their all hosting plan which you need to manage your website.

If you have any problem after buy a hosting plan don't worry GreenGeeks also offers a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you have any problem to host your website or any question regarding to their service, you can contact them by chat or phone at any time they offer 24/7 customer support.

Plans :

5. InterServer

best web hosting service

visit InterServer

+ Starting with $1.00 for 3 Months
+ SitePad Website Builder
+ Unlimited ULTRA SSD Storage
+ Unlimited E-Mail Accounts
+ Free SSL Certificates
+ 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
+ 24/7 support

InterServer offers its hosting service starting from $.01 for FIRST MONTH With COUPON CODE : TRYINTERSERVER (renews $5 per month or $4 per month when paying for three years).

They provide you almost everything in its starting plan, you can get ULTRA SSD Storage, Unlimited E-Mail Accounts and Free SSL Certificates. InterServer also provide trending technology like WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla etc. You can easily install any app with one-click.

For the security purpose they also offers some features like Block web attacks, Automatic virus scanner, Machine Learning Firewall and In House Malware Database.

If you are looking for a unlimited web hosting space with unlimited email account then InterServer is a good choice for you. They also includes 24/7 customer support and 30 Days Money Back Guarantee with its all plans.

Plans :

Which Web Hosting is suitable for your website?

We have differentiate Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting. We hope you'll easily understand which Web Hosting is suitable for your website.

Shared Hosting :

Shared Hosting is recommended for the beginner and the student who has start their website only for knowledge purpose. Shared Hosting means your server is share with many other users and that's the reason why you are getting this hosting at a lower price.

How many users are connected with one server it depends on company to company. If you are a beginner and you don't know much about web hosting then we suggest you to start with Shared Hosting.

WordPress Hosting :

This type of web hosting is offering by almost every company and also this is in demand nowadays. This web hosting specially optimize for the WordPress CMS and they focus on to run WordPress Software very efficiently.

Many companies (specially in these five) adds some many features to manage website quickly. It depend on company to company that where WordPress Hosting are manage on Shared Hosting or VPS Hosting.

VPS Hosting :

The Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are distributed in two or more virtual machine but users are very less as compared to shared hosting. In VPS Hosting you will get dedicated RAM and Storage which you can configure according to your requirement.

In this Hosting you get more access and control to manage the server and also get more security. If your website or business has many users or data and your business growing day by day then you should use VPS Hosting.

Dedicated Hosting :

The Dedicated Hosting means the server is associated with only single user that user can access entire server system. The best things of dedicated hosting is security because this hosting is managed by only one client.

To process a large amount of data such a media files they require a hosting server which have the highly processing power, storage and bandwidth.

If your website or software has large amount of data or highly traffic and you want to process that in back-end then you need a highly configured system and Dedicated Hosting server can solve this problem.

Best WordPress Hosting Providers :

We have includes three companies in best WordPress hosting providers these Hosting companies provide its hosting plans at a decent price.

BlueHost WordPress hosting plans starts with $3.95/month and it provides pre installed WordPress and it automatic updated. BlueHost also offers Free SSL Certificate and FREE Domain Name for 1st Year with their WordPress hosting plans.

If you buy a WordPress hosting plan with BlueHost you will get a $200 marketing credit - $100 Google ads credit and $100 Microsoft Bing ads credit when you spend your $25.

Dreamhost WordPress hosting plans Starting at $2.59/mo and you will also get free SSL certificate and free domain name. Dreamhost offers you to monthly payment options. They also provide you 50GB SSD Storage with its WordPress starter plan.

Dreamhost also have two more WordPress plan which is DreamPress and VPS WordPress. Its DreamPress plan starts with $10.00/mo, it is a Managed WordPress Hosting and this plan is for those users who has around 100k Monthly Visitors on their website. Its VPS WordPress Hosting starts with $27.50/mo.

InterServer provide its WordPress hosting on VPS server and its WordPress hosting starting with $6.00/Month. According to InterServer they offer 20x faster speed than standard SATA disk drives because they use SSD Hard drive instead of HDD.

Best Web Hosting For Small Business :

If you have a small business and a website only with companies details and company services then this is the best web hosting for small business :

It all depends on your website if your website visitors has more than 100k then we suggest you to not to use shared hosting you need a VPS server to control that traffic. If your business website only with basic information about your company and its services then you should use a shared hosting.

BlueHost provide everything you need to manage a business website and you will get a free domain for 1st year with its all plan and free SSL certificate is a plus point for your business website.

HostGator is a good player in web hosting service it provides all hosting plans at a decent price. Its basic plans starts with $2.75/mo and they also includes free SSL and free domain in that plan.

GreenGeeks also offers its services at a lower price its plan starts with $2.95/mo. It also provide free SSL and domain and you will get unlimited web space with GreenGeeks Lite plan.

All Companies which we have listed best web hosting for small business they offers one-click WordPress installation that is required if you don't know coding. WordPress is a software where you can develop your website without coding knowledge and WordPress offers thousands of themes to create your beautiful website.

If you want to promote your business website with Google or Bing after launched then BlueHost or HostGator may be a good choice, both companies offering $200 marketing bonus to promote business.

Best Hosting for Blog :

Blogging is a best way to deliver your knowledge on the internet, if you are looking for Best hosting for blog we can solve your problem. These are are the companies that offers you best web hosting services for your blogging website :

A blogging website no need a highly configured server to host this type of website. If you are a beginner and want to start your website then we suggest you to start with Shared hosting plan. If your users increasing day by day then you can upgrade your plan at any time.

At the beginning you don't need much storage space, you can easily adjust your website with starting plan of any these hosting companies. Like BlueHost they provide 50GB storage space with its starting plan and that is enough space for your blogging website.

If you don't have any technical knowledge about HTML CSS then use the WordPress, almost every companies provide you single click WordPress installation. With the help of WordPress you can easily manage your blogging website and write articles or post.

For a blogging website server speed is matter a lot if your website load quickly that effect on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) then it increases your ranking in SEO so before buying a hosting plan also check the servers bandwidth.

Web Hosting comparison :

Company Starting Price Domain Money Back Guarantee Customer Support
1. Bluehost $3.95 per month Free 30 Days 24/7 support
2. HostGator $2.08 per month Free 45 Days 24/7 support
3. DreamHost $2.59 per month Free 97 Days 24/7 support
4. GreenGeeks $2.95 per month Free 30 Days 24/7 support
5. InterServer $1.00 for 3 Months Free 30 Days 24/7 support

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is web hosting?

When you host your website on server which is connected to the internet it is called web hosting. There are different types of web hosting which we have discussed above. In a simple words web hosting is the physical location of your website on the World Wide Web.

2. What is CMS and WordPress?

A Content management system (CMS) is a software where you can create your website easily and WordPress is a most popular CMS.

WordPress provide you many many themes and features to create your beautiful website. And this softwares also provide you many plugin like yoast SEO plugin which helps you in Search Engine Optimization.

3. Can i upgrade my Hosting plan at any time?

Yes you can easily upgrade your plan at any time all companies provide you easy upgrade options. You have to pay more money to upgrade your hosting plans according to their prices.

4. What are the SSL certificate and Https?

A Secure Sockets Layer is a cryptographic protocols which is designed to provide communications security over the internet.

SSL preventing hackers from reading and modifying data between servers and client over the network. The Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is an sign on website url that confirm a website is secure with SSL certificate.

5. How i can switch to another host or transfer my website?

Many companies provide you a free migration options where you can easily transfer your website to another host.

If you want to transfer your website manually then you need to backup your entire website and download it on your local system and then you can easily upload it on your new server.

6. What is Cpanel?

The Cpanel is a control panel where you can manage and configure your website and your server. All software and system settings are appear in the Cpanel like file manager, WordPress, FTP, MySQL database and phpmyadmin.

7. Can i connect my domain name from other company?

Yes, It is a simple process you have to put your DNS (Domain Name Server) on that website where you buy your domain name and the DNS listed on your hosting account.

Final Suggestion :

Don't go for very cheapest hosting try to avoid them. If you are purchase a hosting from a company which provides you hosting at very cheapest price later you may be face many problems with their services like server speed that effect on your website load time and that are not a good choice for your website and data security.

When you go for a best web hosting company's plan first check their features and very important is storage space. If you want to use database then also check how many database they provide, go with Hosting providers which provides unlimited MySQL databases.

Conclusion :

We have discussed almost everything you need to choose your best web hosting service provider in 2020 and We have also answer some questions regarding web hosting.

To choose a hosting plan it depends on your type of website and how much storage your website want. We have take Top 5 Best Web Hosting providers and analysed one by one in detail.

You have seen that almost every company has same features in their hosting plan, the only difference is their prices.

I hope you get helped from my article and you have you have found your best hosting company.

Disclosure : When you buy an hosting plan from our affiliate links we will receive a small commission from hosting provider and that is no effect on your hosting plan cost.